Help wanted to warp a loom

I have received a request for someone to warp a loom as a birthday present. I believe the person is willing to pay for the service. Below is the email I received which contains as much detail as I have. If you are interested please contact Grant Mackay directly at


Hi ty4 writing!
What I’ve found out is it is a Norwood 8 harness loom with bench no castle with warping board not reel. Which is all “Greek” to me !
In Exeter. Trying to keep it a surprise. Her birthday is tomorrow so if I could present a gift cert of my own creation based on certain knowledge that would be too good to hope for.
So it will likely be a belated present
Loom is in Exeter.
TY again

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On May 31, 2014, at 11:25 AM, “Betsy Martin” <> wrote:

Hi Grant,
That sounds like a very thoughtful birthday present. If you can send me more information I will see if anyone in our weaving guild is interested. Please send:
  • photos of the loom
  • location
  • contact information
  • is this intended as a surprise?
  • time frame


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Subject: loom needs setup
Hi Betsy,

My SO Christine is an avid knitter and volunteers to put sweaters on trees for charity in Exeter NH. 

She has a serious looking weaving loom on her sun porch with no yarn on the spindles and she said she’d like to use it but she doesn’t know how nor is interested in setting it up for herself. I think its just that she is so busy and setup is just too much for her to take on right now.

She has a birthday coming up soon and if I can discover the services of somebody that can set her loom up for use then that might make a nice birthday gift. Ideally it is someone who would come to her house as her loom is a bit unwieldy for transport.

Please let me know if you know somebody who is interested. 

Thank you.

Grant MacKay

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