Riotous Weavers

Driving in to work this morning, listening to BBC as usual, I heard the expression riotous weavers which made me pay more attention to the article. While the primary article dealt with Laurie Lee of Cider with Rosie fame I decided to look up the subject line and Stroud Valley, in the Cotswolds, for those who know English geography. This link:

came up on a search and referenced the decline of the hand weaving industry. The Red Coats were sent in to quell the riot, the irony being the cloth in their uniforms had been woven in the Stroud valley.

Note to Lady Heddle, we used to have a short story or reading at earlier meetings, may be worth starting that uo again?

I’m not proposing a rousing rendering of Foggy Foggy Dew before each gathering — yet!


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  1. I totally love historical textile tidbits and treatises! Thanks for sharing this Ted. I certainly would like it if someone wants to follow my lead on offering their own variation of Lady NOBO’s Textile Tales. What about Sir Ted’s Textile Tales?

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