Complete Loom Package for sale

The following weaving equipment is being offered for sale by one of my customers:
LeClerc Nilus Loom – Used – in very good condition – 4 shaft – 6 treadles – 43 inches wide (at the widest points).
Included with the loom are the following accessories:
Harrisville warping board
2 sets of lease sticks – 1 small and 1 large
4 boat shuttles
7 stick shuttles – various sizes
2 threading hooks
1 sley/threading hook
2 dozen bobbins
2 bobbin winders
Umbrella swift
Ball winder
McMorran yarn balance
12 reeds, various sizes
Asking $1500.

More photos available.

Please contact Betsy at A Loom with a View (978-463-9276) if you are interested.

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