Field trip to Newton, MA?

Hi, folks, I would love to go see this exhibit in Newton, MA. I really enjoy Dora’s work. It’s very different.

Any one want to join me? I know I can’t go the weekend of 4/14-15, but many other times are free for me. If the reception time works for you, we’d likely see other weavers then. And of course, you’d get to meet Dora if you don’t know her.

Gallery: Fiber Constructions
by Dora Hsiung
Reception: Saturday, April 21, 3:00 pm

By: Dora Hisung

The Gallery will house a show titled Fiber Constructions by Dora Hisung who has been working with fiber for more than 30 years and has developed her own original off-loom weaving technique. She expresses her experiences and feelings through color, pattern and design. The artist uses yarn like a palette of multi-colored paint to create illusions of motion and vibrant gradation, producing three-dimensional surfaces with structured and mathematical patterns.

Born in China, Dora Hsiung received a Bachelor of Art degree from the University of Illinois and attended graduate school at Boston University. Hsiung has exhibited throughout the U.S. and abroad. Her works range in size from miniature to monumental wall hangings and are included in private and corporate collections; among them, IBM, GTE and Cabot Corporation.

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