Natural Dye workshop – 4/16-17th

New Hampshire Weavers Guild is opening registration for Sara Goodman’s workshop, Using Natural Dye Extracts for Yarn Painting and Immersion Dyeing. The workshop will be held at the Kimball Jenkins Estate in Concord, NH on Monday and Tuesday, April 16 and 17, from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m.

If interested, registration will be open until Thursday, April 5th. For more information or to register contact: Mary Ann Sanborn, 16 Abberton Rd., Canterbury, NH 03224, 603 783-4733 (home), 603 731-6951 (cell),

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  1. Sorry – I didn’t notice they didn’t announce all the vitals!

    The class fee is $125, plus $20 materials fee. I don’t know if there’s a surcharge for non-members. NHWG does a great job at keeping workshop fees low.

    Also note that this class is suitable for knitters too, so bring your non-weaving friends!

    You can see more at:

    Note that one thing that’s cool about natural dyeing, unlike the fiber reactive chemical dyeing that I do, is that you can do it on any natural fiber – cellulose or protein. Wool,
    cotton, bamboo, silk, mohair, angora, etc. all work! I’d imagine rayon and tencel also work, but check with Sara first.

    Happy dyeing!


  2. I contacted Mary Ann to register for this workshop, but she informed me that it has been cancelled due to insufficient registrations. Too bad!

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