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  1. Thanks very much for posting this, Betsy. I’d heard about the project before it started, but never remembered to go look for pictures after the event. Truly amazing!

    If you’ve never seen a Saori loom, you should. They’re fascinating! Perhaps we should bring Mihoko in for a lecture? She gave us a class at NHWG some time back, and I
    fell in love with these looms. The entire weaving area – cloth beam, reed, harnesses,
    and warp beam lift out and can be stored away, so that the looms can be used by
    many students.

    They make simple counterbalance two and four harness looms. They’re very expensive, but a great concept.

    The Saori philosophy of weaving has inspired me as well – “no mistakes”! It’s very free form and creative. While this isn’t “my” type of weaving, it’s still beautiful. And it’s a wonderful approach to teaching.

  2. The smiles on their sweet faces says it all.
    I’m impressed with the project and what the students have woven.

    I agree with Patricia-let’s see if we could bring Mihoko to NOBO.
    Saori is something I’d like to know better.

  3. Pretty impressive! I had the same thought as I watched it. I’d love for them to come visit. I’m on it!!

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