First Dibbs on Spinning & Weaving Equipment!

I thought I’d give you a head’s up. I now have more pieces of equipment in my hands to sell on behalf of my disabled friend.

I have an unknown brand of single-treadle spinning wheel ($120) and
a barely-used Louet drum carder ($175). The latter just came up for
sale today.

I will be bringing them to the WGB meeting to sell Wednesday, unless someone tells me they gotta have one or the other!

I also just got 13 reeds to sell. I haven’t even inventoried them yet.
If you need reeds, ask for the list.
I should have it tomorrow afternoon, and then they will go to the guild meetings too.

I also have in my possession 2 other items from that list I’ve been passing around – a large Leclerc loom bench ($80), a table for a Dorothy loom ($40), and a small tapestry loom ($35).

After WGB, they will go to the NHWG meeting, then to NOBO. since I can’t fit it all in, I will be happy to bring stuff on request.

Thanks for your attention.


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