From the Dust Jacket

July 18, 2010:

As you will recall, Lady NOBO invited us to bring our favorite weaving-related book to discuss at the June meeting. The book which Eileen brought and subsequently donated to our library is entitled “Barbara Eckhardt: Poetic Space.”

This is not exactly a book, but rather a catalogue documenting Ms. Eckhardt’s work, as curated by Nancy A. Corwin for an exhibit at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, in 1998. It has been said that Ms. Eckhardt was on the cutting edge of weaving, and this catalogue certainly attests to that. The wall hangings featured are multi-layered combinations of weaving techniques, inlay and embroidery.

What is just as compelling, I believe, is the story of Ms. Eckhardt’s life. Though unfortunately cut short, what she accomplished in her lifetime is truly an inspiration.

As a nice coincidence, the bibliography portion of this catalogue mentions articles in three back issues of SS&D which we are fortunate to have and which make a valuable accompaniment to the catalogue. They will be available at the meeting this week to be borrowed as a unit.

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  1. Thank you Joan for “From the Dust Jacket” and your enticing reviews of books from our growing library.

    Everyone, please allow yourself some moments to look at the listing of books in the library of NOBO Handweavers and take advantage of the great resources available to us. Ask Joan to bring along your book selection to our upcoming meeting.

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