FIBERS in so many WILD ways

Please support your local fiber writer and fiber shop. Wild Fibers, Summer 2010 issue is out! See what breed Rare Thoughts shares with you this issue, read about the first fiber farm CSA, Arctic Qiviuk, Sericulture, and MORE! A Loom with a View offers copies for sale.

2 Replies to “FIBERS in so many WILD ways”

  1. I happened to be at A Loom With A View last week the day the magazine arrived; and, as is my habit, purchased a copy. It is an interesting publication – well-written, well-designed – containing information pertaining to people, places and animals which would otherwise be unknown to me.

    An excellent contribution to my on-going education – and, of course, knowing one of the authors (Margaret – our Lady NOBO) makes it even more so.

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