Georgia Cotton

We have purchased yarn from the Georgia Yarn Company and received this emailing today. Other members may be interested.

 I have a lot of natural Georgia cotton in 8/4 on a 7 pound + cone, 3 cones of 8/5, 5 pound + on  dye cones. Either size for $8 pound plus shipping. I can wind this on to tubes at $10 pound.
When I picked up my last order I also picked up 300 plus pound of 8/20 (yes that is 20) natural GA cotton  
 336 yards per pound on 2 pound + tubes 

And around 100 pounds of 8/24 natural cotton 280 yards per pound on 2 pound + cones. Both of these are production over runs, the yarn is find but it is stained from being stored in cardboard boxes. I washed a sample of the 8/20 by hand in warm water with dish washer soap and 90% of the stains came out. Price $2.50 pound plus shipping.

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