Warping Aids Tip

To secure my lease sticks, I use two long piece of string between the front and the back beam in a loop one on each side. They should have enough tension not to sag under the weight of the warp. Don’t forget to pass the string between the shaft and the heddles!  I use a piece of stiff wire to hold the lease sticks apart. Form a cross in the string and place the lease sticks either side of the cross. This lets the lease sticks float freely so if the thread catches while winding on the lease sticks will move freely and not break. While I prefer back to front threading, especially for chinile to reduce the number of times the thread passes through the reed and heddles, this works equally well for front to back threading.

The pictures show the lease sticks and the wire a piece of  an old mudguard stay from a bicyle!

Arrangement of lease sticks in cross
Arrangement of lease sticks in cross

Do you want an easier way of handling log cabin or other non regular threading? Try using stacked lease sticks. If you make your bent wire long enough you can stack a second pair of lease sticks on top and use that for the second threading.


I use rubber bands to secure the lease sticks.



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