Enrichment Program – looking for volunteers to take this over!

Margaret and Melissa have been taking care of our enrichment program, but both of them would like a couple of members to step forward and take over the administration of the program.

Below is a description of the duties that Margaret sent to me:

Overall, two or even three members (thinking really positive here) act as advisors to the participants in the program. They would be available should there be questions of any kind, willing to help participants as they work through the levels by doing a preliminary review of their woven pieces, etc. We have requirements in place for the Apprentice and Journey(wo)man level. The Master level is open for the participant to determine an area of in-depth study, which must be okayed by the review board. There remains a need to put together such a review board (they determine whether the weaver has met the requirements to achieve a particular level). We had thought it best to seek a weaver or two outside of NOBO to be on the board, along with the NOBO members involved with overseeing the program. This is where the program needs help.

Originally this program came about to go hand in hand with our medieval theme, following what the guilds of that time did. Kathleen C. has already done a lot of work for the Apprentice level so it would only make sense to keep the requirements for that level in place. However, members interested in taking this on could still add something of their own to the program. I dug back into some of my early emails to Melissa and Mary when we were first discussing the program (see below). We’ve strayed a bit but since no one is at the Journey(wo)man level, some additions to it could be made or even our present requirements for Apprentice and Journey(wo)man could be combined into one level, the Apprentice. Then Journey(wo)man could be restructured to follow more of what the definition of that level truly was. That’s one thought but there are lots of possibilities. I am always for someone adding their own twist to the various positions within the guild. Just as you have done with the library! Apprentice was certainly the starting point, not any or not much experience, and the focus was onsite learning for the apprentice for a general period of 7 years, though each guild set the time required so it was variable (obviously we won’t require such an indentured period of time) Journey(wo)man was a position in which one would be sent out to wander, to see the practices of the “craft”.

Again, seven years is generally mentioned. Master resulted in the producing of a masterpiece. For some of my immediate thoughts, I am starting to list the following –

Apprentice – taking classes for either a set period of time or a certain number of classes. Also one could do an independent study or series of studies with a presentation to the guild. Classes cost so I don’t want to make this a costly venture. It needs to be achievable or workable for everyone that would be interested. I realize not everyone will be. But, I also want this to be serious. Again, I love the influence of the Middle Ages here, it is fun but also want to maintain how important the workings towards such levels are. They need to offer a challenge as most of this type of level accomplishment does. It is an investment of one’s devotion. When accomplished, it speaks highly of the individual. Journey(wo)man – onsite and offsite demos and teachings (ALwaV, NOBO guild, Fiber Fest, Fuzz Fest, school settings etc)

Master – one would produce a masterpiece. It probably should be discussed, reviewed, okayed by the Ladies of the Warp and Weft and Lady NOBO. Please contact Margaret or Melissa if you are interested or you have any questions!

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