LIbraryThing – a blast from NOBO’s past

Hey everyone, I found this post from back in the beginning of NOBO (July 2009 to be specific). Does anyone know what the NOBO login is?  I thought it would be a nice thing to revive and use for our library!  The original post was by Susan B.

“I created an account for the Guild at LibraryThing. Take a look at the link.

It’s very easy to add books. I just added 3 from my collection.

We can add author and title as well as tags. I put in the notes field that the books belong to my collection.

I can probably make it do whatever the group wants! And if you don’t want it, that’s fine too.

Let me know what folks think. I can send the password to anyone interested in playing around behind the scenes.”


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  1. This was before my time in NOBO. The current library list was created by Margaret and others which was shoe-horned into the WordPress formatting. We can discuss this on line if there is interest in moving the library to this alternate site.

    There have been attempts to use Facebook, and other external to the Nobo WordPress blog site,. WordPress has a bit of a learning curve, I hear people complaining they can’t “get on the site” but very few people bother to email me with specific questions. What is the guild looking for in terms of on line presence?

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