NOBO Library

I am working on updating the ‘catalog’ of the NOBO library (it is going a bit slower than I was hoping it would).  Until then you can continue to use the list we have posted to the website (click on Library and choose a category from there).

That said:  Are there any books people would like me to bring to the next meeting?  We have some excellent beginners’ books, technique books, weaving structure books, etc.  We also have a very extensive collection of Handwoven magazines as well as Shuttle, Spindle, and Dyepot magazines.

Please get back to me if there any books (or types of books) you would like to take a look at.

You can also swing by my studio to peruse all the books.  I try to be there Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons (except, of course, tomorrow.  I have to be elsewhere tomorrow afternoon).  So don’t be shy!  I always welcome the company and we really have a nice collection of books, pamphlets, and magazines!


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  1. The current library listing is force fitted to an html table format and the pages are password protected, Margaret and others have have done some updating but the pages are mainly static. Are the pages meeting the needs of the guild?

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