Loom for Sale

7-29=13 049 (800x599)

7-29=13 048 (800x599)

7-29=13 047 (800x599)
Posting this for a customer who has a loom for sale. This is actually a table loom with a floor stand, not a floor loom, no treadles.

“I have a beautiful Iris floor model loom…..made in Canada….excellent condition. It has hand treadles on the top of the loom for table-top use or legs and bench for floor set-up.
Comes with: 4 harness, 2 wooden lease sticks, extra heddles, 2 reeds (12 and 15), cord for tying, extra webbing, 1 raddle and instructions for easy assembly and use.
Open end bench is 23″x 38″14” with center seat that lifts for added storage.

Please contact Kim with any questions. More pictures can be sent if needed.

Thank you for the interest!
Kim 603 785-9387 “

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