Ravelry Natural Dye Group

Okay, so I guess the natural dye bug bit me good on Saturday.
And I don’t mean those little cochineal critters…
I’ve been trawling the different Ravelry groups and really like this one:


Lots of sharing, as Ravelry does well, and the search field under the posts leads to ever more ideas.
Black beans to make blue? Avocado skins?
Oh boy, there’s a lot to learn!
If you’re a Rav member, you may already belong to this group. If not, why not check it out?

2 Replies to “Ravelry Natural Dye Group”

  1. Thanks for the link Kathie, that is a great group. Look at the forum “Show off your natural dyeing” in the plants-to-dye-for group and see post #2021.Those are my skeins from Saturday’s adventure!
    If anyone is interested, I have the information on using avocado skins (it’s a lot of work, I haven’t tried it yet).

  2. I had the feeling someone from NOBO would be a part of that group.
    When I went to join, it said I’d been a member since 2012—who knew!
    I guess I’m finally ready to dye in earnest.
    Okay, off to check your post…

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