Another Loom Restoration?

Not quite but I had someone contact me about a barn frame loom at the Historical Society in Kingston, NH. The heddles are disintegrating and the treadles (2) need retying.  They were hoping a weaver or weavers might be willing to help them get the loom working again, whether directly or through advisement.  If anyone is interested, I can provide the name and email of the person inquiring.  I can also send on more photos.

kingston loom 007

2 Replies to “Another Loom Restoration?”

  1. I’d do it if we had a crew like the last time.
    I’m more of a supporting cast member…

    These barn frame looms are such an integral part of our weaving history and it’s nice to see them functioning.

  2. I’ll bring it up at the September meeting. I agree, these looms are part of our history. This does not sound like a lot of work needs to be done and any guidance from NOBO would be greatly appreciated. The loom presently has a piece on it but from many years ago. The Historical Society is in an old firehouse in Kingston. As you can see from the photo, a very nice display but they would love to have a working loom for demonstrations.

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