Topsfield Fair Update from Kathleen Corcoran

Went to Topsfield Fairgrounds Saturday to drop off a woven shirt and was asked if we would be interested in demonstrating weaving during the fair hours! They will set up a table/kiosk and give us however many parking and fair passes we need. I figure we can set up a small (22-inch?) floor or table loom and warp and weave. Just need to get an idea for how many NOBO folks can do it, and when. Anyone interested in weaving, talking and eating fair food???  For questions or more info contact Kathleen at

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  1. This is a great idea!
    In a former life, I belonged to a smocking guild (not smoking!).
    Bewitching Stitchers would demonstrate at the Fair every year and probably still do.

    You would get free entrance and parking tickets, so if you came before your shift
    you could walk around the Fair. Then in the Coolidge Building, there’s the musical performances on the stage. Free entertainment!
    You might even get to see one of the food contests being judged, too.

    But best of all was the interactions with the public.
    People were so interested in what we were doing and it was fun to share our love of
    smocking with them.

    Weaving is such a fascinating endeavor and the loom is such a draw.
    A natural fit for demonstrating at the Topsfield Fair.
    So I’m completely on board to sit and weave.

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