Creative Haverhill contact info

Hi everyone,
Great meeting last Thursday night! Anyone considering placing their work in either the Creative Haverhill gallery/shop or in one of the mobile shops should feel free to contact Dave Zoffoli directly via the information at the end of this post. I plan to unearth one or two handwoven rugs I never sold and put them in the first mobile shop. This is such a wonderful opportunity to showcase handweaving in general, and NOBO in particular, by putting together a collection of handwoven textiles for sale. I would love to see the live weaving demonstrations that Dave envisions actually happen. What a great way to attract new members and promote the art of handweaving to a large audience! Again, if you’re interested, contact Dave directly.
Happy weaving!

David Zoffoli
Executive Director
Creative Haverhill
4 Summer St (City Hall) rm 309
Haverhill, MA 01830

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