World’s Longest Scarf – A Surprise

When you have a moment, go to, then to the menu on left to get to “Scarf Team Listing”. Scroll through the teams and take a look at the donations for NOBO Handweavers. ¬†We have a new total!!

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  1. Thank you for adding the links.

    NOBO Handweavers now have a total where we are hovering on the very edge of a 4 digit donation!

    Additional appreciation to the donator or donators making this possible!

  2. So we can keep contributing?
    Pretty amazing total.

    Where’s a dollar when you need it?!

  3. Wonderful!!! A tremendous accomplishment, not only to raise the donations to meet our goal but then, to go beyond, way beyond it!

    For anyone attending the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival, be sure to look for NOBO Handweavers’ section of the World’s Longest Scarf. Please take photos if you have a camera handy so we can share them on our site.

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