Interested in Selling YOUR Handwoven Pieces?

This posting is compiled from an email via Patricia M. – Huge farm day event at Tattersall Farm  in Haverhill, MA (about 45 min North of Waltham) on 9/16. There will be a number of local farms and dozens of crafters including people who make or dye yarn, sew,bake, make jewelry, turn wood, cut silhouettes, make dog treats, etc. Looking for someone  in the Greater Merrimack Valley area who might want to sell handwoven goods or bring a loom to demonstrate (or both)? If this person is strictly selling goods, the table fee is $25, if they are demonstrating as well as selling then it is free.

Contact –

Dina Buccieri

Tattersall farm

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  1. This is a really fun event. I will be there spinning in my friends booth. She and her sister hand-dye yarn and roving. Dani dyes all sorts of yarns and rovings. Betsy has some in her shop. Her sister Shelly dyes with all natural materials. It has been fascinating reading her blog with all her experiments.


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