News from Betsy’s shop

Hello All,
My first post!!!
Betsy asked me to mention a few things…there are a few Rare Breed Table Runners from the display that need to be picked up by the weavers and also if you have brought a chair for the meetings and are storing it downstairs if you want to keep it please pick it up. Betsy asked that you call the shop prior to coming so that she can be sure to be there. She is back and forth between the new and old shop spaces. Chairs that are not picked up by 7/20 will be donated to a charity. One biggie that needs to be sorted out is the Guild’s library cabinet. Is there someone who can take it to store it or knows of someone who would want to purchase it. The guild paid $150.00 for it. It is 36″ X72″.
Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday…All for now…Mary

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