Guild Library

For the foreseeable future I will have the guild library in my house, therefore I am taking over for Betsy as one of the “Keepers of the Written Word”.  I want to reinstitute Joan B’s wonderful monthly book review – From the Dust Jacket with the hope it will increase circulation of this fabulous library of ours.  I am mindful of the fact it will now be offsite but I want to encourage everyone to enjoy the books we are so fortunate to own.  I plan to send on monthly reminders that I am more than happy to bring the books members would like to borrow. Just send me an email.  I will even bring a few books along to guild meetings that can be signed out on the spot!  Peg has done a terrific job of organizing our library.  It is overflowing with – fiber facts and textile trivia!  But there is no sense in having these books unless they are being used.

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  1. Hurray!
    As a writer and teller of textile tales, I can’t think of a better keeper of the word.

    Peg has done a fantastic job organizing our library-thank you!

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