WGB Anniversary Book

The Weaver’s Guild of Boston has been hard at work producing a 90th anniversary weaving book.

At 208 full-color, 8.5″ by 11″ pages, it includes guild history, woven works (the bulk of the book), references, and an index. The pieces, over 100 by about 100 weavers, are arranged by structure. Most structures include simpler and more complex examples. The weavings cover a full range of levels and equipment, from plain weave to jacquard, and beginner to master. While it is not intended to be a project book per se, the design notes, weaving information, photos, and drafts are both inspirational and educational.

I have seen several of the projects, and photos of others. This is going to be a stunning book!

Guild members can pre-order up to 5 copies at a 20% discount. I only need one copy, so if any 4 of you want to buy one ahead (it’s due out about October), I can order you one.
They are $42.45 with tax.
If you want one, please tell me now (first come, first served). Then please bring me a check at the next guild meeting. I have to send the money in in a few weeks.

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