Magic in the water – digital!

I just saw this ad and thought some of you might be interested. Of course it’s not the same as handling the fabrics, but it might still be useful:

Digital Magic in the Water; wet finishing handwovens
Posted by: “Laura” laurafry2001
Tue Sep 6, 2011 10:48 pm (PDT)

Labouring on Labour Day – Magic in the Water; wet finishing handwovens is now available as a 4 MB download pdf file. Just $25.00 Cdn, payment by Paypal. Click on Store, then On Magic Digital and scroll down for Paypal options. The file will be available on cd shortly; file download can be done immediately. You just need to be able to receive a 4 MB file via an email attachment.

Laura Fry

Note: this ad was on a Yahoo group I just discovered, called “WeavingSalesAds”. It takes the moderator a few days to put people on – be patient:-)

2 Replies to “Magic in the water – digital!”

  1. Thanks Patrica.
    Did the ad say if it’s just like the original
    except with photos instead the samples?
    I’d still need visuals of the finished pieces!

  2. Hi, Kathie, All the ad said was what I copied. I would expect it would have
    all the photos, and just close-ups of the fabrics instead of samples. Ask Laura –
    she’s very helpful!

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