NOBO Meeting August 25th

I really tried to insert this picture into Mel’s post – this is a cell phone picture of Dave Sanderson telling us about his adventures in natural plant dying on the Parker River farm. It was a wonderful evening, always nice to see Olivia and Dave and the gentle alpaca (who give great fiber)

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  1. Thank you Dave, Olivia, and also to your fiber & feathery creatures. What a grand evening, full of information and fun.

    If anyone is interested in some very local fiber of the absolute highest quality, be sure to get in touch with Dave and Olivia. You don’t have to go far, your own “Fibershed Project” can begin with them. I have had their alpaca processed into weaving yarn for a few years now and I guarantee you will not find anything, anywhere, better than what they and their alpacas offer.

  2. I agree Margaret.
    The scarf you wove, my treasured scarf, is the softest piece of clothing I own.
    To think it came from Dave and Olivia’s alpaca and was woven by my teacher
    and friend, is wonderful!

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