Macomber Groupies

If anyone is interested –

“The Weavers Guild of Boston has a 40″ 12-shaft Macomber loom in need
of some loving refurbishing and new parts (I’m told nothing big –
nuts and bolts primarily) for sale. The wood is in decent shape but
the metal parts have some rust. The loom must be picked up from
Natick, MA. Best reasonable offer of $500 or more. New, this loom
would cost over $3800.

The WGB also has a 40″ 8-shaft Macomber loom, with one reed, a
supplementary warp beam, and a cloth beam. It is in perfect working
order except for one superglue job. It has a white Tencel lace warp
with draft ready to be threaded and woven! Pick up in Somerville, MA
during weekday hours of 8 to 4 by arrangement. PRICE: $750. New,
this loom would cost over $3000. A bench is available for $150.

Neither loom has room for more shafts.

Proceeds will help support publication of the new book celebrating
the guild’s 90th anniversary and republication of older monographs.”

For more info, contact

Some of our NOBO members are working on pieces that will be submitted for jurying for inclusion in the Weavers Guild of Boston’s 90th anniversary book!

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  1. 12 shafts–that’s a great deal.
    No more room here but what a great deal for some lucky weaver.

    The 90th anniversary book is going to be fun.
    I’m covering echo weave and hope to have my piece done by the end of the summer. I’ve got a certain table runner on the front burner these days!

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