Organic Cotton Yarn!

I bought some Organic Cotton Yarn (Fox Fibre) from a woman that was running an ad on Craigslist. She has already sold her loom and isn’t weaving anymore. Her yarn is priced a little less than 1/2 price from the current retail. She is out of some of the colours, but I think she still has a lot of light green and light brown left in 10/2, and in the 4/4 she has light brown, 100% green, and varigated(I think brown and green? maybe? plied together). She also has the organic cotton chenille in oatmeal and brown. If you are interested in any, please email me and I will pass the information along to you. She is also giving quantity discounts if you spend $300 or $500.
If anyone saw Margaret’s beautiful towels at the last meeting, they were made from this organic cotton yarn!
Diane Howes

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