Boott Cotton Mills Museum

Mill history on display at Lowell MA museum

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  1. Thanks, Gail, that was an enjoyable article. If you’ve never been to the
    Lowell National Park, I recommend it highly. The canal tour is fun for kids
    in the nice weather. I love the antique patent model industrial loom they
    have in the visitor’s center!

  2. This article could certainly stir one’s interest in the mill workers and the conditions they confronted. If so, there is a terrific book – The Lowell Offering by Benita Eisler. It is a compilation of writings by “New England” mill women from the mid 19th century and is actually named after their own literary magazine. Women made up 75% of the workforce in the Lowell mills. Cited as “low overhead”, these women worked horrendous hours under deplorable conditions. Their stories essays, and letters will surprise you in different ways.

    Thanks Gail for sharing this!

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