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Hi, everyone, great meeting last night!

I didn’t get a chance to discuss books, fearing lack of time. I have been given
a box of weaving/spinning/felting books from Polly, Lorna’s Mom. She is willing
to both sell some and donate some of them to the library.

Given our discussion on space, we probably don’t want to put all of them in the
library. There is very little overlap with our library – only 3-4 books. The majority
are weaving books, but sort of non-mainstream ones, IMHO.

I’ve chosen a few that I think really belong in our library:

Rag Rug Handbook – Janet Meany and Paula Pfaff
Handwoven Design Collection #8 – Just Rags
A Weaver’s Book of 8 Shaft Patterns – Carol Strickler
In Sheep’s Clothing – Nola Fournier and Jane Fournier (spinning)

I imagine none of you will object to adding the first 3 to the library. We touched
on considering taking non-weaving books out of the library due to space limitations,
so the last one is a “maybe”, IMHO. But it looks like a spinning classic.

I don’t really want to take the time to list the other 20 or so books and booklets.

Any suggestions as to how we decide which ones should go in the library?
Perhaps at the next meeting, a volunteer (Leah? our next librarian?) could
review them and add any others they felt were valuable to the “library
donation” pile, and then I’ll sell the rest on Polly’s behalf?


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  1. Hi Patricia,

    To make the weeding out process easier, perhaps we could document and store all new books (within reason) and have a bi-annual selection for the library, and sale/redonation of those books we decide not to keep for the library? I am willing to accept a few boxes of books for storage in my basement until they are accepted into the library, or otherwise redonated or sold. I am also willing to keep an overflow of accepted books on my shelves in my home with the idea of circulating them into the “active and accessible” library that resides at Betsy’s. I am excited that the library will be at Betsy’s store for our membership to access. I do not want to see the library stop growing because of lack of cabinet space.
    Just an idea we can talk about at the next meeting.

  2. If just the titles and authors can be listed in a simple text file or email I will build a database of the titles. I suggest the most useful would be author last, author first, title and location for example:

    Osterkamp, Peggy, Warping Your Loom, ted

    This simple format is relatively easy to enter and I can drop the data easily into a database.

    I prefer the LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME format rather than combined first last as it makes it easier to organise.

    The current information on the web site includes, in some cases, a detailed write up and is the result of a lot of earlier work.

  3. Judging by the number of people who have volunteered to help transport, store and organize the library, it is obvious that our library means a great deal to the guild. Thank you to Melissa, Terry and Peg for stepping up.

    Thank you Ted for standing ready to put the list up on the NOBO site. Thank you Gail for offering some interim storage. And a big thank you to Leah for guarding our books temporarily until permanent quarters could be established.

    I am very happy to think that by providing a home for the library here at A Loom with a View, our members will, hopefully, make frequent use of it.

    Patricia, let’s get together at a mutually convenient time to decide which of Lorna’s books should be part of the NOBO library.

  4. I think that whatever method you all come up with will work well.
    How exciting to see our library grow!

    I’d like to get my hands on the Rag Rug book once it’s logged in and on the shelf :-)
    Working on getting the best storage unit now…

  5. Regarding the storage unit, I checked with my husband who works for a company that has a cabinet shop. No luck there. Sometimes they have marvelous things they no longer need and sell at a sacrifice. I also had an idea that maybe we could “rent” extra storage space from the church across the street which would make it easier to shuffle the collection. If anyone likes this idea, I can explore it as I am a member there. Regarding book selection, I personally would like to see some classic spinning titles as we have several members who also spin. I think we should encourage this given our dedication to rare breeds.

  6. Although I am out of the proverbial weaving loop at present, I am keeping up with what is on the web site and find it most encouraging to see all the interest in maintaining and improving the NOBO Library. Not knowing what would happen when I, regretfully, had to give up the library, it is very heartwarming to see what is happening.

    For this, I thank you.

  7. Thanks Joan, I’d like to propose that new threads relating to the library continue to use the “From the Dust Jacket” title to remember the detailed work you did in creating and making a catalogue of the library.

    best regards — ted

  8. Betsy and I spoke about this a bit recently – and in what manner she could use the concept, coming from a slightly different perspective. Sounds good.

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