Should NOBO sponsor a NEWS Award?

In case you missed the meeting last night (it was loads of fun as usual), we talked briefly about NOBO sponsoring an award at NEWS. Kathie, our NEWS rep has previously posted the details on our website.  Please refer to that post and note the deadline of June 1st. If you have the resource guide from NEWS 2009, the awards that were offered last time are listed on page 13.  One suggestion was to give an award for the best use of fleece from endangered or rare breed sheep. This could be something for the fashion show OR gallery show. It was suggested that $50.00 might be appropriate. Please log in to express your views on whether you think this is a good idea. We should probably decide during the April meeting. Thanks.

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  1. I love this idea.
    It shows our dedication to the preservation of rare breed sheep and is a goodwill gesture as the “new kid on the block”.

    This would also promote the use of rare breed fiber, which is what we’re all about.
    I’m curious to see if other weavers are on the rare breed bandwagon.
    This award will certainly serve as an incentive to give it a try!

  2. I can’t find Kathie’s earlier post that you mention, Eileen. It didn’t come to my
    email as your posting did. That’s usually the only time I read stuff;-)

    Kathie, where is it posted?


  3. I believe the sponsoring of an award by NOBO Handweavers is a tremendous idea. And of course I would really love if there was a connection to the preservation of the rare breeds. If we can encourage other weavers to use the wools of these storied breeds, we are definitely playing a part in offering these animals a future.

    My suggestion would be for the award to be for a woven piece in the gallery show. That is if the gallery displays various pieces, not exclusively wearables. Some of these breeds do not produce wools that are suitable for next-to-skin or even far-from-skin pieces. Even so, they should not be avoided. The range of colors produced plus some very outrageous textures can make for an extraordinary woven piece.

  4. To find Kathie’s earlier post about NEWS awards, go to the menu on the left of our site. Scroll to “Categories” and open “General”. Scroll to a Feb 5 posting titled “NEWS News”.

  5. Has anyone participating in our rare breeds table runner exchange considered entering their piece in the gallery show? If NOBO sponsors an award for best use of rare breed fibers in the gallery show then one of our own members might win. Or does that look like too much of a set up?

  6. Good point Betsy. I actually wondered about that as well. There does not seem to be much time between the sponsoring of an award, since deadline is June 1, and the actual submission of a piece. Reading through the NEWS info, the applications for both Gallery and Fashion Shows are due by June 15th, so pieces would follow I presume. But less than a month, NEWS follows. I am really questioning how many weavers use rare breed wools and yes, there is the possibility all submissions could come from NOBO Handweavers. That could be perceived as somewhat peculiar.

    As much as I would like to encourage the use of these wools, we might want to rethink this as an award for a future NEWS. Our display table will offer opportunity to promote the breeds and their wools, hopefully inviting weavers to dress their looms with rare breed wools.

    I will add this to our March meeting agenda for further discussion and as a guild, we can make a final decision. In the meanwhile, let us all think of a possible alternative as a backup should we decide the rare breeds are best for a future time.

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