Ready, Set, Action!

Introducing FiberCam!

There is a sensational fiber surprise waiting for you on the Wild Fibers magazine website –  “Up close and personal” documentaries of some of the very same fiber animals (and their friends) that you’ve read about in Wild Fibers.  Now playing – The Yak Outback and there’s a seat, front and center, reserved just for you.

2 Replies to “Ready, Set, Action!”

  1. Fascinating, thanks, Margaret!

    I was frustrated that I couldn’t figure out either what his name is,
    nor where in MA he is. At least it sounded like he lives here somewhere.
    Do you happen to know?

  2. The full story of “Mossy and the Master, Conversations from The Yak Outback” is in the current issue of Wild Fibers magazine (Winter 2010/2011). It is written by Chris Devaney, the Yak man himself. Chris, the Yak, and several Australian Shepherds (which includes 3 new puppies!) live in New Limerick, ME. The objective of this footage is to further feature the amazing and inspiring life of Chris and show through the magic of film the sincere love he has for his creatures.

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