New Year Weaving Business

Our January meeting is “Weaving Wearables”.  On there is information about the Handwoven/Vav Garment Challenge we spoke of during a past guild meeting.  The challenge actually opens today.  Handwoven will select among the entries – 5 loom-shaped garments and 5 tailored garments.  All 10 will appear in the Sept/Oct 2011 issue of Handwoven AND they will be sent to the Swedish handweaving conference in Boras, Sweden, 2011.  Just a very big hint form Lady NOBO as I know our members are very capable of participating in this challenge!  Either way, be sure to come to the guild meeting wearing your wearable.

Also, a reminder for members to consider being part of the Nominating Committee for new officers.  Although Spring seems a long ways off right now, our 3rd anniversary meeting in April will see a new Lady/Lord NOBO and court.  Please come to the January meeting ready to volunteer a little of your time to partake in the Committee or a lot more of your time (it is worth it!) to submit your name in interest of being considered to become royalty for a year.

See you on the 27th!

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