needs help warping a loom…….

I am “forwarding” the following email to the group. I hope someone will be able to help Denise warp her loom for the first time.

subject: exactly how far over my head?

Hi! I just purchased a wood-framed Structo Artcraft loom on eBay– perhaps a model 600? Not exactly sure, yet. And it IS eBay, so of course the loom may arrive as a pile of sticks and twisted metal, to which I will say, “well the photo looked good.”

I find good instructions for warping, online, and the Structo manual. But I’m wondering if you might know someone I could who could help me warp the loom for the first time. It’s a gift for my 13-year-old daughter, whose birthday is on Christmas, and she’s been asking for one of these since weaving on one at the NH Sheep and Wool festival, both in 2009 and in 2010. I’m feeling a little like “oh my gosh, what have I done” on one hand, but on the other hand, I’ve been fascinated with simple heddle looms for a few years.

I don’t want to take a course at this time, so I’m looking for private instruction. Do you know anyone who might help me, for a reasonable price?

Denise Frame Harlan

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  1. Thanks for the lead, Betsy! I’ve contacted Denise and told her some ideas, and she
    sounds like she’ll want to work with me once the loom arrives. She may pop in to
    look at Noro Kureyon for her daughter to make a scarf.

    See y’all tomorrow!


  2. Now, for more of this Christmas story…

    Madelyn, the 13-year old, had been asking for a harness loom for over a year. They’ve
    been weaving on a rigid heddle loom, and she wants to do more loom-controlled

    The loom arrived, and Denise brought it over the next day (we’re up to
    Friday 12/17 now), along with 2 balls of NORO Kureyon. My DH, Milt, a
    woodworker, helped me evaluate the loom. It came with too fine a
    reed for worsted weight slubby knitting yarn. I have some reeds which
    I’m helping a friend to sell, so he cut one to fit. Then he fixed up the
    beater a bit, and I added an apron rod, cords, and an end stick.

    I jerry-rigged the octagonal metal pre-wound spool back beam this loom
    came with to attach the apron rod. Then I woke up at midnight that first
    night and realized I’d done it in a non-optimal way. No problem. I wound
    off the warp and had it fixed before she was back.

    In 2 lessons she had the warp made and the loom dressed with a Rosepath
    pattern. It’s all ready for the big surprise today! She picked out some
    rayon chenille for weft, and off she went.

    I can’t wait to hear more about it and see pictures. I’m hoping she and
    her daughter will come (with the finished scarf, of course) to see us at
    the Fuzz Fest, 1/29/11, in Exeter, NH.

    It was great fun to be involved in such a wonderful present.

    Happy Holidays, everyone!


  3. The latest – I received a picture of Madeleine today, with her partially-woven
    scarf. She’s adorable – big grin on her face. She was delighted with her gift!

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