Wild Fibers Winter 2010/2011

No issue of Wild Fibers magazine should ever be missed, after all they really are a collector’s item.  Just try to locate some of the past issues that are no longer in print but if you do, you will have to dig very deeply into your pockets to get one into your possession.

The current issue is no exception when it comes to getting yourself a copy but is really extra exceptional in its content.  Guaranteed to command your head and heart (!)  for hours.  So grab a copy, a cup of coffee or tea, wrap yourself in your favorite fiber item, and get lost in the remarkable stories and photos of the people and animals living in the local and distant worlds of WILD FIBERS.

Due out within days!

Can’t wait?  Sneak peek available at www.wildfibersmagazine.com

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  1. As mentioned in an earlier post, we’ve managed to compile for the NOBO library a complete collection of Wild Fibers magazines in which Margaret’s column has appeared. I would like to suggest that NOBO give some thought to subscribing to this publication to ensure that we continue to do so.

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