Author Linda Heinrich published “The Magic of Linen: Flax Seed to Woven Cloth” in 1992.  This priceless reference on linen has been out of print and if one could even locate a copy offered for sale, it was generally priced in the hundreds.  Now Heinrich has published the long awaited updated version “LINEN: From Flax Seed to Woven Cloth“.

If you have any interest in linen whatsoever, I would highly recommend getting a copy of this in your hands. I have been on a pre-order list since May and just received my copy  (publication dates kept getting deferred).  I have only glimpsed through the over 200 pages of text, charts, photos (old & new), illustrations, drafts, endnotes, bibliography…. It is enough to take your breath away.  I cannot imagine a more complete study of this fiber.

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  1. LINEN is available directly from the publisher, Schiffer Publishing – as well as Unicorn Books and Crafts Inc –

    This book has just come out so there are limited sources at this time. I would imagine local independents could order it now since it has finally been published. If you are looking for a price reduction from the $49.99 list price, Amazon is showing some copies available from their independent sellers but seems like Amazon themselves should be offering it soon (it would qualify for their free shipping too).

    This is one serious book on linen. Topics range from the flax plant, its cultivation, harvesting, processing, and spinning to dyeing, weaving, and finishing. Projects are included. Then the history of linen, which includes several countries, through present day. A list of suppliers is also included in the resource section.

    It has definitely inspired me to suggest a linen study group for our guild sometime in the near future. I just can’t believe how amazing this book is.

  2. Oh goodie!

    I’ve taken it out of the Weavers Guild of Boston Library twice now
    and would rather own it.

    I wholeheartedly vote for a linen study group.
    Thanks for alerting us to the availability of this clasic.

  3. Linda is a wonderful teacher. She came to WGB one time and I had an
    extended workshop with her. A delightful time!

    And for those who are linen lovers AND spinners, here is some flax for sale
    in Maine:

    From: Debra Eaton []
    Sent: Thursday, September 02, 2010 8:46 AM
    To: ‘Jayne H Flanagan’
    Subject: Flax for sale

    Hi Jayne,

    I was wondering how I go about letting people know I have flax tow and flax stricks for sale?

    I have quite a bit and I will never use it all.

    Please let me know the information you need.


    Deb Eaton

    Community Coordinator

    The New School


  4. Anyway we can place a group order for this book? Might be less expensive or at the least maybe we could save on postage. I am also interested in getting the new Double Weave book.

  5. As a book seller I would be happy to order this book for anyone who wants a copy. A group order of five copies or more is eligible for a 15% discount and, of course, no shipping charge. Please contact A Loom with a View to place an order.

  6. The Weaver’s Studio DOUBLEWEAVE, by Jennifer Moore is available at A Loom with a View today. Another new release, The weaver’s idea book, by Jane Patrick, is also in stock. This is a fabulous new book dedicated to rigid heddle weaving, but it’s ideas extend well beyond RH looms to four or more shafts.

  7. I will be placing the book order on Friday. If you want a copy of “LINEN: From Flax Seed to Woven Cloth“ at the discounted price please call the store today, 978-463-9276.

    Thanks very much to all who ordered. I will let you know when they arrive. Perhaps in time for next week’s NOBO meeting.


  8. I picked up my copy of the Linen Book today. What can I say, except that it is very well researched, an excellent history of the fiber, along with spinning and weaving of same; and, truly, “someone” should put together an on-going series of classes with this book as the basis.

  9. I picked up my copy of the linen book today; and, what can I say, except that it is a very well researched, excellent history of the fiber, as well as spinning and weaving of same. “Someone” truly needs to start a series of classes using this book as a basis.

  10. I picked up my copy of the linen book today. What can I say, except to say that it is very well researched, and is an excellent reference on the fiber, as well as spinning and weaving of same. “Someone” truly needs to use this book as a basis for a series of on-going fiber lessons……

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