Fiery Pool, The Maya and the Mythic Sea

On Saturday and Sunday, May 22 and 23, respectively, demonstrations will be held from1 – 4 p.m. in the Atrium at the Peabody Essex Museum, Salem. There will be a total of three demos, one of which is entitled “Weaving the Waterways,” the description for which reads, in part, as follows: “Using back strap or stick looms, skilled weavers of Maya descent create a traditional huipil, or blouse with water motifs.” Unfortunately, no exact time for this particular exhibit is included in the PEM catalogue, but this is a lovely place to spend an afternoon, whether watching a weaving demo or something else.

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  1. I’ll never forget seeing a rug weaver that was demonstrating her craft at the PEM many years ago. It may have been the Textile Arts of Bhutan exhibit…

    It was fascinating watching her work the yarn into her very large upright frame loom.
    In all the years of admiring oriental rugs, this was the first time I’d seen one actually being woven.

    The Peabody Essex Museum is a wonderful resource and right in our backyard.
    I can’t wait to see the Mayan back strap weavers in action!

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