The Knitter’s Book of Wool

Yesterday, while visiting A Loom With A View, I picked up a copy of the subject book to use as a reference when Lady NOBO discusses the various types of rare breed sheep which are near and dear to her heart.

The book contains an article on Page 192 entitled “Keeping Moths at Bay,” which suggests that placing garments and/or fiber in the freezer for about a week can be quite helpful.

Have any of you tried this, and, if so, with what results?


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  1. An A-plus for you Joan! I love that I piqued your interest and you are doing some reading regarding rare breed sheep. Clara Parkes’ book is a terrific resource in many ways and offers a lot of information useful to weavers.

    I have not used the freezer method but I know of a natural moth repellant called “Colibri” made by Maroma. It is somewhat difficult to obtain, made in India, sometimes shows up on Ebay. Available for purchase out of the UK though that is obviously costly with the shipping. However, if you ever run across it, do buy it. I have it in my wool storage bins. It is blend of botanical essences that naturally repel insects. Apparently the company observed plants to determine which were able to repel insects and then used the essences from those plants to formulate “Colibri”.

  2. I like both of your suggestions as they don’t involve chemicals.
    Thanks for the suggestion of the Knitters Book Of Wool.
    It sounds interesting!

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