Recent work

I created three small pieces for a local fundraiser, and thought I’d share a (not-so-great) photo of the trio. The great news is that they sold right off the bat. Woo hoo! The yarn was dyed in a nearly exhausted indigo vat, and the objects were all found on my wanderings, the two on the left at local beaches and the cut nail in my dirt basement (our house was built in 1750). -Melissa


3 Replies to “Recent work”

  1. Of course these sold right away. They are extraordinary! Melissa, what about weaving some of these for the guild’s holiday show? I think they would sell right away too! I love these!

  2. Love the color and the simple yet layered idea behind these. You always have a true artistic approach to everything you create. I can see why these sold so fast!

  3. Excellent demonstration that the elegant, unusual will sell. Those cut nails last for ever and don’t rust like the modern stuff. An interesting and innovative way of displaying it. (from Hillsboro Oregon)

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