Lady Margaret and her Court

Kathie and Mary are to be commended for the thought and foresight they put into choosing NOBO’s leadership for the upcoming year. And, of course, many thanks to Lady Margaret and her Court for accepting these responsibilities. It’s going to be a very exciting time.

2 Replies to “Lady Margaret and her Court”

  1. Thanks Joan :-)

    Mary and I had lots of fun with the theme and were heartened by the positive response.
    As the new scribe, I’ll be posting the names and titles of the new court shortly.
    Just as soon as the sock bag gets finished!

  2. I am very excited to hopefully make some marks with my year of Lady NOBO guidance. I have some ideas which I will post shortly. For now, rebounding from 72 hours without power, meaning no heat, no light, and no water. You can figure what all that means especially that we are in the country and have well water. I can’t remember it ever being so dark! Thank goodness for a wood stove, our saving grace and lots of candles. We are still without internet service as all lines were ripped out from our house when 2 very, very tall pines came down across our front lawn. Damage to property but fortunately no house damage. Lots of time to ponder about NOBO and all the possibilities there are with everyone’s joined interests and abilities!

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