Another Loom for Sale (and a Warping Board too)!


Harrisville A/6-22″ 4 harness, 6 treadle Folding Floor Loom


Used, $600 or best offer.  This loom currently sells new, assembled from Harrisville Designs ( for $1,175.00.  This is a great compact loom. Perfect as a first loom or as a second loom for smaller projects and sampling. The Model A/6-22″ weaves a full 22 inches and comes with 4 harnesses and 6 treadles. It can be folded with the warp in place without disengaging the tie-up. It is made of hardwood and has an adjustable beater to accommodate reeds of different lengths and widths. Both the warp beam and front beam have ratchet brakes. Please Note: This loom is in very good condition. The (4) harness cables do need to be replaced, but they are available from Harrisville for only about $10.00 each.


SPECIFICATIONS: Weaving width: 22″, Weight Approx. 60 lbs., 4 harnesses, 6 treadles, Castle height: 42″, Floor space: unfolded: 28″ x 32″, folded: 28″ x 13″


Loom Includes: (1) 12 dent reed, (400) wire heddles (approximately), (1) 12″ boat shuttle,(2) bobbins for boat shuttles (1 plastic, one wooden). (2) reed hooks


Harrisville Warping Board


Used, but excellent condition $90. Currently sells new for $130. The Harrisville Designs 12 Yard Warping Board, made of solid hardwood, holds a full 12 yard warp and can accommodate two crosses. Each hardwood 3/4″ peg is counter plugged and glued to insure maximum stability and the corners are fitted together with double overlapping dado joints. Assembled size is 40″ x 28″. It is easily disassembled, with the use of corner wing nuts, for more convenient storage when not in use.


Located in Sudbury, MA.

If interested, please contact Margaret and I will provide you with the owner’s contact info.




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