Members in the Spotlight

Thank-you Margaret for setting this up. From the comments this was rated as one of the best meetings we have had. I especially appreciate the gift, no longer will I be abusing my best needle nosed pliers to undo stubborn wing nuts and Sandra was very enthusiastic over the needle.

For any members interested I created a link presentation spotlight, to the presentation I created.

Thank-you again Margaret and the members for making this a special evening. AC!

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  1. Your “presentation spotlight” is terrific! Thank you AC, I mean Ted, for taking the time to post this. What a great guild meeting from beginning to end. I loved it all. Members in the Spotlight, our jam-packed business meeting, and an unbelievably filled Show & Share table. Thank you everyone. We have such a fabulous guild because of our members!

  2. I second Ted’s opinion. What an original and interesting night.
    It was among my favorite meetings as well. All except the part when you knew you were next to speak… but once you see the smiling faces of all your friends, it was actually fun. Having the option of the Q and A made it less daunting, too.

    Those gifts were great! The wing nut turner has been on my shopping list for ever. And the metal yarn needle beats my old plastic one hands down. Finally the care instruction tag is going right into my Weaving Memories contribution.

    This program opened us up to various thinking process and I really enjoyed hearing how we came to become weavers. What a fine group we are :-)

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