To all NOBO Handweavers “Spinners”

Spinning Wheel WM


I have a spinning wheel that needs a spinner to determine whether it is usable (really questioning this) and then if it is usable, I need a spinner who wants it.  I am going to bring the wheel to this week’s guild meeting.  I have a bag of additional pieces – flyer assembly and a few other parts that I don’t know what they are.  I hope someone can take a look before the meeting starts.

If usable, I am thinking of a 50/50 silent auction or raffle at our holiday meeting.   Since this came with some equipment from the Wenham Museum and I have already made a donation to the museum, I am mostly looking for a good home for the wheel while generating some nominal funds for our guild and for Antrim Handweaving, Studio & Study.  If not usable, then I will be looking for a great idea as to what to do with the wheel.  Parts maybe?

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