Question about “Dye Day” in August

Are we opening this up to non NOBO members?  Maybe with a fee?  I have a student who is interested and would also like to bring a friend.  Neither are NOBO members at this time.


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  1. Good question, Margaret. As the event is being held in Kathleen’s yard/personal space so we need to understand what her comfort level is both with attendance numbers and as it relates to having people she may not know at her home. If we are comfortable inviting non-members, we should decide if there is any sort of pre-requisite (joining our August meeting?) to extending an invitation, and also if there is a limit to how large the group should be. I like the idea of a small fee if we do open this up.

  2. Great thoughts about whether this is an appropriate gathering to allow nonmembers, thus turning it into somewhat of a public event. It certainly makes sense if we want to keep this a NOBO member only day, especially since this is the first time we are trying a “dye day”. Might be good to experiment this year and if held again next year, then discuss ahead of time whether it should or shouldn’t be member only. The question about attending came up and I really wasn’t sure how to answer it. Kathleen? Really your decision as it is your house.

  3. We are extending invitations to guests of NOBO members. Please contact Eileen if you would like to bring someone along to the event. Thanks!

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