Newtown Weavers

Newtown, CT is creating a Healing Arts Center to help their citizens cope with their tragedy in a healthy way. Diana Frost was contacted to see if there were any donations that could be made from the weaving community. Specifically small table and floor looms, shuttles and warping boards. I contacted Hannah, who’s organizing this effort, and donated my small loom, board, and some shuttles.
I’ll be going down to Newtown at the end of this month if anyone would like to add to my box of goodies. I’m thinking they could always use more yarn.
If you do have something in mind, consider bringing it to our February NOBO meeting.

We all know how peaceful weaving can be.

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  1. Thank you Kathie for taking a trip to Newtown and your willingness to take along donations. Would you be able to provide an update as we get closer to our guild meeting to let members know what might still be needed as far as equipment and fibers?

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