NOBO Site Updates

Hi, fellow Nobonians,

This is just a note from your friendly webmaster.

I’ve been updating the software for the site and also upgraded the theme as well. I also gave it a nice woven-silk background. :)

The menu and menu hierarchy at the top is now easier to navigate and contains the complete page structure.

Over in the right hand column, we’ve got a clock and a calendar for easy reference.
Below that are the subscriber details and the regular site features.
Also of note is the Visitors page which shows a world map of of the visitors we’ve had to our site. It only shows the latest 1600+ recent visitors of the almost 105,000 (!!!) visitors we’ve had since the site was started just over three years ago.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them here.

Happy weaving!

Dave Daniels
Roving Royal Scribe


7 Replies to “NOBO Site Updates”

  1. Hi, Dave, thanks for keeping up with available changes. I can’t see the silk background you mentioned.
    And honestly, that’s what attracted me to come poke this morning. After all, it’s all about fabric, right?



  2. Thanks, Kathie, I’m working on that already!

    @Patricia: Not sure why you’re not seeing seeing the background. It’s on the sides versus the main center content. Are you on a desktop or mobile device?

  3. Thank you Dave! This looks very, very nice. 105,000 plus visitors. I really like to be able to check the international visitors. I also love the addition of the analog clock. Glad to see there are still some of us who appreciate those.

    Need to ask help on something – I am not able to access the minutes. Couldn’t before your changes so I know it’s not because of that.

  4. Hi, Margaret,

    I see what you mean about the Minutes. None of them work. There’s a link, but it’s not linked to anything. No documents have been upload to the server, the folders are empty. Who is the Poster of Minutes?

  5. Hi–Poster of the Minutes here!
    I thought I’d uploaded them okay but didn’t test drive it–opps!
    I believe I didn’t click one of the necessary boxes…
    It’s a downloadable now but I need a refresher course on how to have the minutes be
    posted on the site.

    Great job on the new look Dave :-)

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