Sure fire rust remover…

…as in rusty reeds.
I read this technique on Ravelery and wish I could remember who posted it. Here’s the trick:

Take old rags that you can throw out when you’re done (the rust won’t come out in the wash). Saturate the rags in white vinegar, wring out a bit and place them along the length of your rusty, nasty reed. Then wrap up the whole thing in plastic and leave it for 24 hours.
Remove the plastic and rub the rust off with one of the rags. Then I rub the reed with a completely dry cloth and use the hair dryer to completely dry everything.
This works like a miracle!
Thanks to the person who first mentioned it on Ravelery.

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  1. I cannot wait to try this! Fortunately I have held on to some rusty reeds – the old Yankee in me not letting go of them despite not being able to use them. Thanks for passing this on and with exact instruction of the “how to” part.

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