Up for Grabs!

The library is now temporarily housed at my house.  Hopefully when we find a permanent space for guild meetings, our library will also find its permanent home.  For the meanwhile, it seems happy here.  I have just gone through all the Handwoven and Shuttle, Spindle, & Dyepot magazines.  A hearty thank you to Peg for her organization.  Our collection of SS&D has been brought up to date, that is to the full year of 2011.  I was looking to disperse of my issues so some of them are now in the library.  I have set aside a box of magazine duplicates.  Rather than bring them back and forth to guild meetings with the hope that someone may buy an issue or two, I am offering the box to the first taker.  They need a home and there is not enough room here for me to hold onto them when they could be enjoyed by one of our guild members!  More SS&D’s than Handwoven but a box filled to the brim between the two of them.  If no one jumps on this jackpot, then the box will be brought to Fiber Revival and sold in its entirety for a nominal price.

Let me know if you want this box that is absolutely filled with inspiration!

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