Fabulous Sheep Looking for a New Home

Please consider giving one or more beautiful spinners fleece sheep a home. They are from Lydia Grew’s original flock, her son Joe sold them on and now that owner is liquidating (- her entire 100+ acre farm in Topsfield!).

SO, one moorit-y brown Romney, 3 other white Romneys, all ewes, about 8 years, past breeding safely, but with all teeth, in good health. The man who has them now in Topsfield has said it’s off to the butcher with them next Tuesday, and he’s looking for about $100 apiece (=what he can get in meat for them). You are welcome to visit them in Topsfield, take one or all, they have years of excellent fleeces to come if you can take them. Myself or Joe is happy to discuss how easy sheep ownership is. Please contact Joe at josephgrew@yahoo.com (cell=720-254-7366)to connect with seller.
I have spun Lydia’s fleeces for years, they are truly excellent – I can even show you roving I have from one of last year’s rams. (If i hadn’t just taken in two needy alpacas…..)

Thank You!!

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