Keep the Fleece/World’s Longest Scarf

Good news – the NOBO Handweavers scarf team has almost reached our goal of $600 towards the world’s largest fiber flock. We have had some tremendous donations and still need a few more. Reaching our goal will purchase 5 sheep ($120 each). Please encourage friends and family to visit to learn about the World’s Longest Scarf and our involvement with Heifer International through Keep the Fleece. The website is very informative and explains how important this project is in helping farmers domestically and internationally. Donations may be made directly through the Keep the Fleece site and NOBO Handweavers may be credited. We are one of 86 teams working on this! Let’s make sure NOBO Handweavers stand out with our donations and provide as many fiber animals as possible. Our scarf needs to be in Rhinebeck, NY by Oct 1, so we only have a few weeks left.

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  1. Since the scarves need to be in Rhinebeck by Oct. 1, it would most likely be best to consider sending our scarf off by Sept 23 or 24, allowing a little wiggle room if needed. So the “last day” is just about 3 weeks away.

  2. Thanks for this reminder! I also hyperlinked your links so folks can get right to the donation page. It is easy – just be sure to put NOBO Handweavers in for the right credit!

  3. Thanks Susan!! I could definitely benefit from a website tutorial from you. It is wonderful how we all work in sync. Everyone is so generous with their areas of expertise. This is truly one of the main reasons why our guild has become what it is in a relatively short period of time.
    One additional thought regarding World’s Longest Scarf – there are all kinds of brochures/flyers, even Heifer buttons, at A Loom with a View. Please feel free to stop by and take some to help garner donations. There is an irresistible Keep the Fleece promo card with a striking image of alpacas adorning the front.

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